Sample Theatre

Sample Theatre is a Leeds based production company run by Madeleine Hughes in collaboration with Edinburgh based writer, Ben Soper, sound designer Rob Julian and video artist James Chantry. The company’s ambitious cine-theatre production of Carnival Of Souls will debut at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Praise for our previous work:

“A must see for fans of contemporary theatre” 
(Edinburgh Evening News)

“Tender and brutal, funny and touching, the sparky dialogue perfectly offset by multi-media design. The physical performances given by the actors were nothing short of stunning.”
(Anthony Banks, National Theatre.)

Sample Theatre is concerned with altering the audience’s experience of watching a live performance through the use of new technologies. We will adopt classic filmic conventions and adaptable hardware/software packages, to create an ‘Augmented Reality’ experience which enmeshes the audience members into the visual and audio fabric of the performance.

We’re looking to sidestep the snobbery and safety of the average theatre-going public and appeal to both cinema and theatre audiences. We wish to stretch the boundaries of what our audience members deem to be real and what they deem to be imagined.

Inspired by the ‘Theatre of Cruelty’ we aim to break down the hierarchies of stage production. The collaboration between writer, director and actors has been an unusual one in that the original idea has been scrapped and reworked, the roles have crossed over and the text is malleable (even at the late stage of performance). The sound design and projection work will be improvised each night with strong multi-media and minimal set design comprising mainly of ladders. Be prepared for heights and frights as our performance will take you to the edge of your seats...